Let’s take it from the top

Beginning a blog is hard. I am not truly sure where to begin! So… let’s take it way back. DJ and I began dating the summer of my freshman year of high school and summer of his sophomore year. We became exclusive January 2010. Maybe one day I will blog about our journey. I believe with my whole heart that God led us to each other. Anyways, we finally got hitched last August (2015). We are coming up on one year and I reflect remembering the absolute best memories of my life. I am bursting with a thankful heart for this man and this first year. When DJ graduated from college I still had one year left to receive my nursing degree. He graciously stayed in a little town in Indiana with me while I received my BSN. He decided during that time that he would like to pursue law school. I do not remember specifically coming to the actual decision that “Yes- we are moving to California”. I think it was more of a general consensus that we both were down with taking on a new challenge, a new place, and a new life. This is full on cheese, but I sincerely feel I can face anything if I have him by my side. So here we are. Yes- it is new, crazy, foreign, and it is FUN. In a week of being here I have learned a ton. For example:

  •  In California (or at least the Bay area), you are green whether you wanna be or not. Good thing I am a recycling junkie. At stores they will charge you for bags, so you best bring your own. The first time we were at a cash register, and I realized everyone had bags but us, I said, “Oh no Hun, we forgot our bags again” to DJ. I think the cashier bought that, yes, we just simply forgot our bags, although we did not own a single one- and I think I’m a comedian. Also ALL bags are paper. But I’m cool wittt it.We did do a Bucca di Beppo order out and about fell on the floor when we received a plastic bag. No worries though: WE FINALLY HAVE BAGS! 
  • U-turns galore. Do not turn right on red before checking if someone is making a U-ey. Yep- we learned that from experience. By experience I mean headlights in your eyeballs type close calls. But we are alive and well and never actually got in a crash… yet.
  • Don’t drive from the hours of 8:00 am to 10:00 am. Or from 3:00 to 6:30 pm on the highways. You will regret it.
  • Want to start a company? Come to the promise land of start-ups. I am constantly thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”- There is a great deal of diversity, and I love it. I am always fascinated by other cultures and have a desire to explore the unique aspects of each. People in the area are generally so friendly and courteous- even if you can’t understand what the other is saying. At least I think they are being friendly..
  •  In our area in Cupertino everyone is genius. Nope, I am not exaggerating. Everyone even sounds smart. You know what I mean? Like using the hardest SAT vocab words in everyday lingo. <— Note the fragment- I do not fit in. You just get this vibe that everyone is, I don’t know, about to do a Rubik’s cube with their eyes closed or on the brink of curing cancer. I walked by an apartment and I think a three-year-old was multiplying triple digits out loud. And here I am,  just trying to figure out how to assemble our TV console.*EYE ROLL*. Time to bring out my word of the day calendar.
    – Potatoes aren’t a thing here apparently?! For example- one night went to a vietnamese restaurant in Mountain View (which was AMAZING), and the waitress said the reason the peppercorn beef was her favorite dish was because of potatoes. We laughed so hard- that is such a midwest staple that the thought of it “making” the dish blew our minds.

image**SIDE NOTE: If you have never had Vietnamese food, you need to. We went to a place called Xanh that we found on zomato. We ordered calamari, that peppercorn beef (WITH POTATOES!) for da hubs, and shrimp rolls for myself. Also a side of garlic noodles which I am convinced were shipped down from heaven. Good Lord, was it tasty. I should have taken pictures, but I was too darn hungry to think of that.

This is a few of the things I have experienced in my week and a half of living in Cupertino, CA. I love it. I have told DJ I have never been happier, more excited, or more elated about a stage of life and I mean it. Well, I better get back to that TV Console for now.

Wishing you lots of love, joy, and coffee.
<3 xo


15 thoughts on “Let’s take it from the top

    1. Thanks for reading, Amitav! Narrating my life in a humorous way allows me to not take myself too seriously and helps me approach life, even the hard stuff, in a different way. This has not always been the case and I’m so glad to know others are enjoying it!

      1. Always a pleasure. Yes I agree with you completely, I know the journey can become easy when you approach it with a positive mindset.
        I like your amazing understanding of life and the positivity you carry.
        Best wishes to you.

  1. Oh Mack, I’m so glad I read this. ☺ What a sweet life you have, and I’m really happy that you and DJ found each other. Much loving to you both and to your blog!
    Debbie 🌼

    1. Aww, Debbie, thank you!!! You are such a kind soul. I am so thankful you found it as it led me to your beautiful thoughts!!! Blessings to you as well <3

  2. I didn’t know DJ was your HS sweetie, awww. Did you ever write the post on your journey?! I’d love to read it.

    Also, that’s crazy that they only have paper bags in Cali. I didn’t know that but it is really awesome. & I think it was just weird for the Asian dish to have potatoes because we rarely use them. I never had potatoes in my house as a kid & I’ve never had a peppercorn beef with them either lol.

    1. YES!! Actually- I don’t think I ever have done a post on that?! Great idea for a post though! I do have one about our engagement, but not our actual story. https://mackmarie.com/2016/12/22/our-engagement-3/

      You are sweet to even care. Haha!

      And that is SO funny about potatoes- because they are in nearly every single meal we had growing up.

      1. Oh it was YOUR idea lol at the beginning of this post, you said maybe one day you’d blog about your guys’ journey hahah. I’ll def read that engagement post right now though. ;D

      2. Bahaha- so that was my first post EVER and I just re-read it and yes, yes I guess I did suggest that. Too funny!!

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