Friday Favorites #13

Uhhhh should I be concerned…..  A Friday Favorites #13 on Friday the 13th?! I best not walk under any ladders today.


But anywho wowzahs! It has been a while since a FF! I have a lot of things I am just luh-ving lately, so it was hard to narrow them down to just ten. I guess that makes next week even easier to write!

Here we go… !

  1. Have y’all seen the latest Aerie campaign?! For a few years they have been doing Aerie Real, and now they’ve broadened the campaign to include women with disabilities and medical conditions…. it is absolutely beautiful, these women are BEAUTIFUL. It nearly brought me to tears seeing these pictures. <3


2. Wear This One! To say I’m excited about this would be an understatement!! I mentioned briefly in a previous post that my mom-in-law created a website and app called Wear This One. You know when you cannot decide what to wear for a wedding, work event, just a regular date? This is the solution all of us have been waiting for (men included!). You simply create an account, download the app (or use the site), post pictures of what you are debating between, and then people vote on which they prefer for the event. You can vote on looks too and there is even a “get inspired” page. It’s super easy, and you can also opt to keep it private if you want to create posts only your selected friends can vote on. Check. it. OUT!


3. San Pedro Square Public Market. Honestly- I am baffled how I haven’t been here yet. It is now, in my opinion, the best place to eat in San Jose from an atmosphere perspective. DJ, Amy (SIL), and I went here a couple days ago. I was shocked by the number of food options alone.


We grabbed our food (I tried some fresh to death sashimi from Blush) then found a spot outside to enjoy the live music. We will definitely be back!


4. Plain Fage. I have been living for just some plain Fage with either Shakeology protein powder, maybe on toast, with oatmeal or with some fruit. I love how thick it is in consistency. I used to love the flavored Dannons, but this just keeps me full much longer with a bangin’ 18g of protein.


5. TJ’s Spray Sunscreen. This is wayy cheaper than what you will find in the drug store and works very well! No sunburn yet for me this summer!


6. R + Co Detangler. I have been attempting to keep my hair nice and healthy, but one of my issues has been finding a good detangler. My hair gets too knotted, so usually I end up having to use an absurd amount of detangler and then have greasy hair (no. bueno.). This stuff is like magic. Just a tiny little bit works SO well.


7. GOOD SEED Hempseed Burgers!!! These are dang yummy. Maybe one of my favorite vegan burgers out there. The thing I particularly love about this burger is the unique flavor- it reminds me of stuffing at thanksgiving- mmm mmm!


8. So you may remember back when I went on the cruise with Rachel, we made some good friends. Tiffany, pictured below was one of them! We met on an excursion and I hard core encouraged her to start a blog, raving about how amazing blogging is and how great the community is. Well y’all, she started one and it is magnificent!!! I hope you will give it a look over at ! 🙂 She is one of the most genuine, kind, warm, encouraging, and inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!


9. The Staircase. Oh. my. lanta. Y’all- DJ and I haven’t finished this yet because we are watching it together so naturally it will take us at least another couple months haha, BUT we are a few episodes in and it is gripping.


10. Reading Chillout Playlist. This is my new favorite chill playlist on Spotify for reading. I love a little white noise and this is reading perfection!


What are some of your weekly Favorites?!

xo <3


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #13

  1. I’m not trying to be cute nor am I kidding when I say anytime I see a post from you on my reader, I get so flippin’ excited!! 😍

    (1) I looked at the Aerie article, & I’m in awe!! I truly want to shop there for a few new lounge pieces because I want to support them & this campaign! They’re paving the way to society hopefully becoming better & more accepting. While I’m so grateful for my health (!), I still can feel self-conscious about silly things like stretch marks. But I love how they highlight that they’re normal & not something to be ashamed of.

    (2) I signed up & think it’s such a fun concept! I’m always writing to Kaci for her ourfit opinion, so this’ll be fun to get different people’s feedback.

    (3) That place sounds incredible!

    (4) I’m a diehard Fage fan forever & always! We buy their 2% tubs like they’re going out of style.

    (5) Thank you for that sunscreen spray rec! Spray can make it so much easier to apply.

    (6) I don’t need detangler with short hair, but that sounds like a great product.

    (7) I don’t think I’ve ever tried those, but man, I need to!! Hilary veg burgers has one that tastes like Thanksgiving dressing too. Yummm

    (8) You are such a positive, amazing influence! Kaci started her own blog, & I’m so so proud! She credits you for giving her the courage, & I know she’ll do & share awesome things.

    (9) I’ve not heard of this! Better put it on my list of shows to watch.

    (10) I’ll look into this as well.

    Thank you for a thoughtful, awesome list girlie! Hope you have the best day! xo

    1. You have no idea how much that makes my day!! <3 I feel the SAME way about yours!

      Isn't Aerie incredible?! In this day and age of being fed unrealistic perfection it is SO refreshing, and it's changing the message from "THIS means perfect" to "YOU mean perfect". I feel the sameee way- everyone has their insecurities, and this just makes me take a deep breath and want to actually embrace them.

      Thank you SO much for signing up! I'll have to find you so we can be friends on it!

      Hahah I do the SAME thing with Fage tubs- I literally buy out TJs every time I go there!

      Oooo I will keep an eye out for the Hilary ones!! I don't think I've tried those yet. Always on the search for a new vegburg!

      Ok, so I read this comment literally first thing when I woke up this morning and re-read number 8 like three times. I was like DO MY EYES DECEIVE ME?!? I jumped out of bed out and immediately put two and two together and found her blog! I am SO excited!!!! Aw that is so sweet she credits me, but it's only because she's such an amazing woman that I knew would be such an inspiration to other too just like you!

      Thanks for seriously making my wholeeee day! Happy FRIYAY to you, Kori! XO

      1. <3 <3

        It does make me embrace my differences!!

        I'm excited to use her website! It's a great idea and not a service I've ever heard of actually being offered!

        I buy like three and four tubs at a time. No shame!

        I'm always on the lookout for a new veg burger too. Check to see if you can find a coupon for the Hilary brand! They're so good, but they are on the pricy side. However, with a coupon, I've always felt they are a fabulous deal. 🙂

        HAHAHAHA yes, I am so proud!! She really has worked hard just in creating her sight and already has awesome content! She sparked in me the desire to freshen up my little blog a teeny bit as well. I appreciate your incredibly kind words so much!!

        Happy Friyay to you too, doll!! <3

  2. First of all, I love the meme you added. Fantastic quote from a fantastic show. The Aerie campaign is incredible! More brands/stores should follow their lead. Although I will say, inclusion has gotten better but Aerie killed it with this one.
    When I get off work, I’m going to check out your MIL’s new app! Maybe I’ll even check out the website today when my brain isn’t functioning later this afternoon 😉 I want to watch The Staircase!! The trailers make it seem so interesting. If you like that then I bet you would like The Keepers. It’s about a nun’s murder.

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    1. The Office is our lifeeeee. So glad you appreciate it’s greatness! Haha.

      Agreed- loving the inclusion trend.

      Yay!!!! It’s just getting off the ground so thanks for taking part 🙂

      I have heard the Keepers is good! Ok we will add this to the lineup for next. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Have a great weekend too, Maureen! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Taylor! We hardcore binged last night- so I know what you mean- lots and lots and lots of details! We haven’t watched the Last Defense (I actually haven’t heard of it, but definitely will be checking it out!). Thanks for the suggestion 🙂 Have such a beautiful weekend, girl!

  3. Hahahah oh man watch for ladders for sure! Kidding! I LOVE The Office so that meme is so great!

    So I felt a lump in my throat from that aerie campaign! Wow what an incredible company that is ACTUALLY putting their words to use involving inclusion. I feel like so many companies preach inclusion but don’t actually do anything to show that.

    I need to get that sunscreen! My SIL actually brought it to the lake recently, and I loved it. TJs is such a magical place.

    I use conditioner in the shower AND leave-in conditioner cause I have thick hair and detest tangles. I use Carol’s Daughter black vanilla leave-in conditioner and love it! The brand you purchased looks so lovely!

    I will check out her blog! I love how inspiring and motivating you are!!

    D & I watched The Staircase and OMG what a trip! No pun intended…ha We were left with our mouths on the floor and just so overwhelmed with what to feel because it was such a complicated case. Cah-razy

    Happy friyay friend!

    1. LOL! Isn’t The Office the BEST?!

      Loveee Aerie <3 <3 They seriously do practice what they preach. It's beautiful.

      Agreed- no better way to describe TJ's than magical!

      Ooooo lala I will have to look into that leave in conditioner! I currently do not have any!!

      Hahhahah - no pleeeease intend that pun! Love it. We have quite a few episodes left, but watched far too late into the night last night- we couldn't stop. It's so good!

      Happy Friyay to youuuu! XO

  4. I need that sunscreen because I’ve been getting sunburn bad & it hurts lol I never used to get sunburn in MN so I’m still unprepared! Too bad I have NO idea where a TJ’s is around here. 😭 I’ve heard a few other people say good things about The Staircase series. I gotta give it a watch asap. Also, I had no idea it was Friday the 13th! I am too superstitious for today! Ahhh!

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