Wine Country Part II & Capo’s Pizza!

**I started this post on the evening of July 4th, just as an FYI for some temporal reference 😉 I’ve just chipped away at study breaks**

Hey everyone! We are officially in Austin! We arrived last night. It was a pretty smooth trip out, but an emotional and high stress morning today. I’ll discuss all that more when I actually do our travel posts. BUT we did have a productive afternoon, I made it to my study end point for the day, and then our evening of the 4th was a blast. Currently, I am sitting on the floor in my new “study spot” with my mood lights wrapped around our fan to give some sense of calm lighting- It may be a fire hazard at the expense of my own aesthetic comfort- gotta choose your battles, ya know? (I’ll take a picture now and put it in the post when I have Internet again). Our movers don’t come until the 9th, and we leave the 10th for the wedding- so it’ll be a bit before we are living normal again- it’s all guuud though.


Peep the Ugg boots from 8th grade that I still wear as slippers around the apartment, totally a normal thing, ya?

I have Dynasty, a new show I’m trying out, playing in the background. I downloaded it from the Lobby’s WIFI since we don’t have any yet. I’m also eating Halo Top ice cream because I couldn’t find my normal Dreyer’s Double Chocolate Brownie favorite at the store, and this is probably my second favorite. It’s 11:37 pm, but my body is still on Pacific time, so it feels much earlier to me. I am so eager to discuss all things Austin and our last whirlwind of a 36 hours.. but for now I will try to catch up on everything else from the last month, hah!

In the last recap, I summed up the first part of our sister jaunt through Wine Country. The next winery we went to a winery called Mckenzie-Mueller! I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a touch excited about the shared name; some of those things that bring ya amusement as a kid never die. Ya know growing up when you’d be at a tourist shop and find your name on the little key chain? It’s that same thrill (even if they spelled it differently, close enough). Also, side note about Platypus tours: I think it’s so enjoyable that you don’t know which wineries you are going to until the day of- it adds an element of surprise- I didn’t even know that this winery existed!


This was easily the most beautiful landscape of the day, although the overall feel was a bit more “stiff” than the others. It was so quiet, which was nice, but the host had an air of arrogance that created a somewhat impersonal, cold vibe.


The tasting room was in a fun little nook- surrounded by the owner’s paintings and wine barrels.


So meta, ya know?


We headed out to the vineyards and had a lesson about basically every varietal.


While it was fascinating, and the educational element of wine country is my favorite part, it felt a bit too long in light of the heat. They eventually let us loose to enjoy the grounds ourselves and find respite in some shade in between our galavanting! After getting a bottle for DJ of Sauvignon Blanc, my sister and I went to the vineyards for pics. **If you do visit Napa/Sonoma and want to purchase a bottle, they will often waive the tasting fee. This bottle ended up coming out to about $5- and since Hal and I shared a tasting it was only about $10/person. I highly recommend doing it this way if you do the tours with multiple stops!**


We loaded up into our Tour Bus and headed to the last spot!


And to conclude our tour, we went to Starmont.


At this point in the day the heat was at a high… circa 105F. We decided to move inside after initially starting the tasting outside because the heat was nearly unbearable.

It was a nice winery– but felt more “commercialized” than the others- more of a tasting room than an actual winery I’d say.  I think it’s the type of place the locals like to come and hangout on a lazy Saturday. But I think if you want the full Napa experience, pass on this one and go to an actual vineyard.


Time to head to the Ferry!


When we got back into the bus to head to the Ferry, the driver had cheese and crackers for us- yummmy!! Can’t beat that.


After exchanging Instagram handles with friends we made from the tour, we hopped off the bus and waited for the Ferry back from Vallejo to SF.  The Ferry never gets old! I just loveeee it.


It was a nice and smooth ride with stunning views.


And for Halston’s bday dinner… We went to Capo’s! It was only about a mile walk from the Ferry, so that was easy peasy. This recommendation came from Kate at LiveintheNautical. When she visited SF, and we met up for the first time, she highly recommended Capo’s to us. I had been eager to try it since, but it seemed we always had something else lined up every time we ventured into the city. One of Halston’s favorite foods is pizza, so I was hoping to give her one of the best pizza experiences of her life! (Also side note: This is the sister restaurant to Tony’s we had tried a few weeks prior).


I immediately loved the entire feel from the brick walls to the red leather seats. I would describe it as casual, edgy, classic, yet somewhat romantic, all at the same time.


We started with the Quattro Forni, a pizza cooked in four different ovens.  YES- FOUR. In 2012 this won the “Best of the Best” Pizza award in Las Vegas’s international Pizza Festival. This is cooked in a 500 gas brick oven, deep fried, then topped with all the yums. THEN, it then returns to a 500F brick oven, then a 650 brick oven, and lastly a 800 wood burning oven. I don’t even know if this would be classified as “pizza”—it had more of that feel of a cheesy bread because of the light airiness of the crust- but think the best GOSH DARN cheesy bread you’ve ever tasted in your life. I dream of that flavor (especially the crust). And they only make 10 per day! I made a note in our Yelp reservation that we would like to try one and called to confirm that day that it’d be available. I was determined we’d try one, haha. It was better than I could have ever imagined. Such a uniquely phenomenal creation.

Next up was the pizza-pizza- we had their “cracker thin” pizza- half Farmer’s Pie with mozzarella, provolone, goat cheese, white sharp cheddar, house honey Calabrese sausage, bacon, Guan’s assorted mushrooms, farm eggs, peppadews, arugula, oregano & romano (this half was mainly for DJ since we knew we’d be able to take him some home) and half Haight Ashbury (vegetarian) with mozzarella, provolone, feta, pesto, onions, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, broccolini, roasted red peppers, garlic, oregano, romano. We shared a slice of the Farmer’s to give it a review, but our heart was with the Haight Ashbury. The cracker thin crust was everything I could have dreamed of in a pizza crust- light, crunchy and balanced. The whole pie definitely satisfied our “pizza tooth”. Halston said it was some of the best she’s ever had too!

She was a trooper letting me pull out my obnoxious, incredibly non-subtle, food light to get these shots, lol.


And that’s a wrap! My sister-in-law, Amy, graciously let us stay with her that evening since we were set to frolic in SF the next day! We had fun catching up and chatting with her all about her solo trip to New Zealand.

I’ll recap the next day’s happenin’s in a separate post.

Question for you:

  • Did you have a nice Fourth of July?

xo <3

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70 thoughts on “Wine Country Part II & Capo’s Pizza!

  1. Certainly glad the pizza did not disappoint! Can’t wait to read your travel post, but glad you made it safely to Austin! And I thought the heat in Nashville is scorching hot as is. Hopefully Austin treats you both well! 🙂 Ahh, the wedding is so close, I’m sure you all are suuuper excited! It’ll be beautiful for sure. Have a lovely day in your new city, Mackenzie! ♡

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Stephanie!! Hehe- we actually surprisingly don’t mind the heat so much! We actualllyyyy think we prefer it?!

      We are excited for sure! <3 Hope you are having a great weekend!!

  2. Your pizza pics are always to die for Mackenzie, even the ones you make at home in your pizza maker, which you probably won’t see for months ’til you completely unpack. I have to say that for two young ladies who spent the day in the hot sun and drinking wine, you and Halston look fresh as a daisy as that archaic expression goes. It looked like a fun day and birthday celebration. Glad you made it to Austin safely and left the State of California with all its quakes and rumbles – yikes! My 4th of July was uneventful but we are broiling in this heat wave which luckily will be over when a cold front comes through this evening.

    1. Aw I’m so glad you like these pics, Linda!!! (I just pulled out our pizza maker from the packing boxes yesterday too! Can’t wait to use that again!).

      Aw you are too kind! I think splitting tastings helped with that- might have been a different story otherwise!

      I hope that cool front has been enjoyable and allowed you to get outside a bit!!!! 🙂 thanks for reading and your kind comment. I miss your blog. Can’t wait to catch up when life stabilizes again!

      1. That pizza maker always makes such delcious-looking treats when you feature them. Well heat and wine don’t mingle too well – especially if you have had our heat spikes. We had another one today and for tomorrow. Still trying to walk and those steps in. I do prefer the cool weather. I included a cute video in my post today and you’ll get a smile when you see it – a deer in Saugatuck ambles down from the sand dunes and mixes and mingles with the beach goers. No fear and licked some girl’s knee – he forgot he was a buck, not a human. Glad you enjoy my blog – I have to get posting again, I wasn’t posting a lot due to my finger mishap. Enjoy the wedding festivities – and a little respite from Smalls. 🙂

      2. Thank you so much, Linda!!! It was a nice respite but now Smalls is making me spend double time with him since I was away a few days, lol . (I didn’t know it was possible to spend more time than I was already 😩😂)

  3. Hey! You’re in Austin! I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Texas. The pizza looks great and yes I have been to Napa and Vallejo! 🙂

    1. Hi, Kathy! It makes me so happy that you’re looking forward to our Austin adventures 🤗 isn’t Napa beautiful? Thanks for stopping in!

  4. I have LIVED for this post! And congrats on the move sweet lady! SO excited for you guys!
    And girl you got to do you! Whatever keeps you calm! (I had a candle going on the floor that I was using to calm, give light, and use up the night before I left my apartment sooo. )
    I love that! There is a street when I drive to the beaches in Scarborough that is called Katie’s Lane and it gives me such a thrill!
    That is so cool! And kind of neat you never know what tours you are going too!
    I love that set-up! But it stinks it had an arrogant air about it. I hate that! You pictures are stunning! Girl that romper is gorgeous!
    Ahhh girl you are making me miss San Fran something fierce!
    Ahhhhh oh my gosh I miss it SO much! (I comment as I read, not sure if I ever shared that did bit with you Lol)
    Oh my gosh (how many Tims can I say that?) girlll I dream about the farmers pie! The best pizza ever! Now I want some so badly! Thanks for sharing and making my mouth drool! SO happy you finally got to experience capos! <3

    1. Thank you so much, love!! ❤️💕

      I love that you get the importance of the aesthetic!!!! Totally gotta do what you gotta do!! I need to stock up on candles as soon as we get rid of these boxes everywhere 🤪

      Ah YESSS you get it!!! Katie’s lane is so sweet- if road names can sound pretty that’s one of them 😆

      Hahah I comment as I read too! It’s how I answer comments too- which I think might be a bit confusing at times for people 😬😅

      Thank you for reading and, again, for the Capos rec!! That is one of the most memorable pizza experiences of alllll time!! 🍕🤗

  5. sounds like you had a great time traveling the wineries with your sister. I’m glad you found a pizza that was worth eating since the last few your posted about seemed a bit more disappointing. The whole concept of cooking the pizza more than four times sounds a bit much to me, but hey whatever makes it taste good is what counts

    1. Haha I agree- it sounded like it would dry it out and I actually didn’t have that high of expectations for it- but wow it worked! And it was one of the cheaper menu items surprisingly !

  6. You made it to Austin!
    Thank you for sharing the trials and joys as you settle in – will keep you close in prayer as you find exciting nooks & cranies in your new home.
    All that pizza is amazing (one of my favourite foods in the whole world!) – I’ve never seen that voluminous fried version before – it must have been awesome!

    1. Ju Lyn you always warm my heart with your comments!! Thank you so much for your prayers! And I totally agree- no matter how much different/ unique/ delicious food we try, pizza alwayyys stands as a favorite! Oh and I had never heard of fried pizza either- seems a bit superfluous , but isn’t that what birthdays are for?! 🤣😋

  7. Napa is wonderful! Love love love! but in the heat wine is not very refreshing. Glad you got inside an enjoyed.

    That Capos looks amazing! Yum!

    And now you are in Austin! Woo Hoo! I was just in Texas Hill Country… not too far away from Austin. We had a family gathering there and hung out in Boerne and Comfort!

    One day you will be settled… but until then… memories are being made my sweet friend!

    1. Totally!! The AC was so nice- thank goodness they had the inside option!!

      Oh my gosh!!! Do you have a post about it?! I’m so behind on reading but I’d love to check it out when we’re back from the wedding 😍We passed Hill Country driving in and I’m itching to check it out!

      Thank you tons and tons, Nancy!❤️

  8. Haven’t quite finished the post yet — I read that you are in Austin and wanted to jump down here and say CONGRATS on the move!! Austin is lucky to have you and DJ, and I’m so excited you’re in my home turf! Reach out if you need anything!

    1. Thank you sooo much, Taylor! You are the kindest!!!! I can’t wait to get to the recs you sent us- It’s been such a crazy week- we haven’t even gone out to eat yet😱 lol. But to say I’m biting at the bit to try everythingg- I’m in heaven- like South Congress and downtown are both within walking distance with the besttttt looking food/ hangout choices 😍 and we definitely all need to meet up sometime !

      1. Yes yes yes! Reach out when you’re settled 🙂 Hope you get a chance to eat out soon! There are SO many good options to walk to! I used to live right around where it sounds like you are and loved the proximity to everything; I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job taking advantage of it all, just like you did in the Bay 😀

      2. Woohooo!!! Thanks so much! Once we are settled from our move and school isn’t taking up every second of my day I’m so stoked to explore 😍 gosh, we just love it so much already! Also we heard about the famous bat bridge- too funny! Have you seen them?

      3. Also, I’m hoping to check out one of those coffee shops you recommended this week now that I’m out of Starbucks gift cards 🤣 so excited!! I love that one is 24-7!

  9. That pizza sounds epiccccc!! I love fluffy crust, but I also think the thin crust sounds phenomenal. You got amazing photos!

    You two are positively gorgeous! While I do not drink, I enjoy reading about your winery experiences, and I would want to go just to see those beautiful vineyards. Thank you for sharing, and I can’t wait to hear all about the move!

    1. Hi, Kori!!! Happy Wednesday! I hope it’s been off to a great start for you 🙂 thank you for your comment! Ok if you visit SF I think you’d love Golden Boy- I know we already chatted about it, but it’s the ultimate perfect fluffy crust.

      Aw thank you so much 💕 Wine country is known for their food too- so many people will go for the insane food and views 😍🤤 my ultimate bucket list foodie spot is there! Maybe one day…very far away 😅.. the prices are wild at that place .

      Have a great rest of your week & thank you for your lovely comment!

      1. Happy Wednesday to you too!! My bucket list is ever-growing! I hope to one day visit!

        Food with a view is perfect for me!

        I hope you have the best day and rest of your week too!

  10. I guess I never really looked at a map of the San Francisco area before because I had no idea you could take a ferry all the way up to Vallejo! And now that I AM looking at a map, it looks like you can go even farther!!! All I did was take the little boat that goes under the Golden Gate Bridge and circles around Alcatraz and back. For some reason I thought it was landlocked on all sides except for the Pacific Ocean side. Interesting!!!! Now I want to go back to SF and just ride the ferry as far as I can go on it!!!!

    I learned something else in this post of yours but now I can’t find it or think of it. I’m sure I’ll think of it after I hit SEND.

    Glad you made it to Austin safely!

    1. Hi Jinjer!!! Isn’t it fun all the places the Ferry goes? Easily one of my favorite things to do in SF! Have you been to Angel Island?

      I hope you can go back soon 🤗 I love your new logo by the way!

      Hehe- if it’s hits ya I’m all ears!

      Thank you tons! Hope you for are having a good week

  11. Oooh more wineries! How cool when you find your name at certain places! There’s actually a city or town with my name in Texas, lol.
    Anyway good to know to skip on Starmont. It definitely doesnt look like the other wineries.
    That’s crazy to me that they make that pizza in four different ovens and that they only make 10 of them! Whaaaa???
    The pizza pizza looks insanely good too! Whoa! I’ll be adding this to my list too. 😆

    1. Haha isn’t it such fun? Rossy is even more unique, so I bet it’s an extra thrill!!!

      Right?! The even crazier part is it’s one of the cheaper menu items. You would think it’d be one of the most expensive for how much labor goes into it.

      Haha glad you think the pizza pizza looks good 😋 it was soo phenomenal!!

      1. Yeah, about that,…. Rossy is not my real name, lol. All my life people never knew how to pronounce my name, and my parents never called me by my real name either unless they were pissed at me haha, so when I started HS I decided to shorten it and everyone at first was like “what? you go by Rossy now? and I’m like “Yeah, no one knows how to pronounce it anyway” so now I don’t have to explain myself as to why I have “changed” it hahah
        My mom said she wanted a different name for me, because most Mexicans give their kids Hispanic names, so of course, mine is not Hispanic like AT ALL haha! I had to keep the tradition going and give my kiddo a non-Hispanic name as well LOL
        I added this place to my list as well, I’m gonna miss you introducing us to new places in SF 🙁 but now I get to compile a second one for Austin XD

      2. No way!!! It’s not your real name?!? Wait I really want to know it now- totally understand if you don’t want to share it though. But Rossy is so pretty and I feel like it’s just you!!! I love Ciel’s name too!

        And yessss hopefully one of these days we’ll actually be able to explore. We’ve been here two weeks and haven’t ate out once… (although some of that time was in Miami for my sisters wedding). School plus a move is so intense- just zerooooooo free time. I hope between semesters we can actually go explore and eat out a bit!!!

  12. Mack, welcome to Austin!! You must have such a range of emotions and thoughts going on right now. Sending a big hug your way. (And, the Ugg boots as slippers are totally a must. 🙂 )

    What a neat trip to Wine Country. It sounds like you did this right before leaving for Austin, is that right? Way to check out things around SF that you wanted to do before leaving!! Did you have fun?

    I wish you all the best in Austin….blessings of joy, loving, grace and much peace.

    Love to you and DJ,

    ps – that cheesy bread looks AMAZING!! What a fantastic treat – I bet it would be really good after a long run.

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie !! You are so right about that range of emotions- I can’t wait to have time to sit down and process them all!

      We did Wine Country beginning of June so a few weeks prior to when publishing (I am very behind lol). It was a great last girls’ hurrah! We wanted DJ to come, but he insisted we make it a girls day!

      Thank you thank youuuu! Yes the cheesy bread would be so perfect after a long run 😋 have a beautiful rest of the week! ❤️

  13. Are those like actual fried eggs on the pizza?! If that is, I’ve never heard of that before!! Was it good? That’s such an interesting topping haha — and I do love eggs, but I just never thought about them on pizza before.
    I can’t wait to read your travel posts! It is stressful, I know for sure! We need to go to DMV to get our new licenses and vehicle registered this week and it’s already stressing me out. All of your furniture will be there soon but I know it’s so hard being in that transition period! I’m praying you don’t run into any big issues. <3

    1. Yes!!!! Ok you’ve gotta try egg on pizza 😍 it works so well (especially on a meat lovers type pizza as a breakfast option) .

      Good luck with the DMV ! I hope it goes smoothly for you- that’s one of the biggest moving hassles- once that’s behind ya you’ll pretty much be in the clear!


      1. That’s so crazy about egg on pizza but I’d be up for trying it sometime!! It’s just such a new concept to me!

        Thank you! We just got all the DMV stuff done today — praise Jesus lol — and it went well. Huge sigh of relief over here, haha!

      2. Yayyy!!!! Ahhh so happy for you! What a relief!! We are hoping to get to it this week now that we’re back! 🤞🏻 hope you are continuing to settle in well 🤗 hopefully in between semesters I can catch up around here!

  14. Congrats on making it to Austin!! I hope the movers showing up goes smoothly! 🙂 Those pizza both look so tasty. And wine tours! How fun!! 🙂

    1. Thank you sooo much, Amy! It could not have gone more smoothly!!!! Hope you are having a great week 🤗

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for the nomination!! I so appreciate it! I’m in the middle of a move and my sisters wedding is this weekend so I just won’t have any time in the near future to do a post.but I SO appreciate it- means tons!!!

    1. Aw thank you so much, Sophia! This is such a sweet comment ❤️ the pizza was tremendous! Highly recommend if you are ever in SF 🙂

  15. I’m glad to hear your trip to Austin went well & I’m looking to hearing what you think of the city! If you want some food suggestions, I definitely recommend Torchy’s Tacos! Also my all-time fav restaurant is Veggie Heaven, but I haven’t been there since they reopened after the original owner retired. For grocery shopping, I recommend going to H-E-B since they have everything & at a good price too!
    The rest of the winery tour looked nice even though there was an arrogant host & a commercialized tasting room.
    That’s crazy Capo’s make a “pizza” in 4 different ovens, but it’s good you & your sister got to try 1 of the 10 they made that day! The Haight Ashbury half of the pizza sounds delicious.
    I missed seeing fireworks on 4th of July (Denmark doesn’t even have fireworks on their constitution day boo), but I was excited that season 3 of Stranger Things came out that day!

    1. Hi Karalee! Thanks so much 🙂

      I think Torchy’s is the #1 place we’ve had recommended to us!!! Believe it not we haven’t ate out here yet (except Cane’s for DJ).. but I think Torchys is our first stop! I was drooooooling loooking at the menu. Thanks so much for the rec! I’ve heard great things about HEB too!!

      The Haight 🍕 was soooo yummy – I dream of it 🤤

      Aww that’s a bummer no fireworks!! But I hope you had a great weekend anyways 🤗 how is season 3 so far?!

  16. Congratulations on being a resident of Austin Mackenzie! I will miss the Cupertino posts but looking forward to seeing your new city. You do have to pick your battles and mood lighting is a good one to have. Wow , the ugg boots look brand new!! looking forward to hearing about your arrival in Austin! That is a great name for a winery , very close to your name! Call me crazy ( it is ok go ahead!!) but if you are in business and want people to buy your product you cannot be arrogant. The tasting room is cute and I love the paintings! That bottle of sauvignon blanc looks so good even at 6am, is that wrong?! Starmont has a nice interior , it is good you spent most of your time indoors in that heat! Some more cute pics of you and the soon to be married Sister! Capo’s does have a nice ambience, love the brick ! A pizza cooked in four ovens!! That is amazing . They are highly recommended after winning that award. That veggie pizza looks so yummy with all the toppings! That was nice to stay with Amy , I guess it was a nice girls night! The good thing is that you can always go back to SF when you have your SIL living there! We had a nice fourth, we spent it with our neighbor and his daughter and some of his friends. We went to a parade in the morning, then had lunch and dinner together as the kids went in the pool nearly all day ( little fish!) Then the guys set off fireworks in the field behind our house after dark. Great post Dear, take care , Terri xo.

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